Introducing Chainbase: The Powerful Web3 Developer Platform

Introducing Chainbase: The Powerful Web3 Developer Platform




0x01 Background: Opportunities and Challenges

Web3 is a new cyclical paradigm shift to promote a more democratic Internet through new technologies. The purpose is to make users become the owner of the Internet, not only just companies that monopolize user data (in the last Internet cycle, the really big companies were the ones who have user data and network effects).

The ownership of data is among the biggest features of Web3: It is based on an open, open-source underlying basic protocols, and the blockchain network which is transparent and credible. Participants have full ownership of their identities, assets and data. Consumers interacted with these protocols through dApps, reading and writing asset data on the chain. At this time, these companies only provides products as the middle layer and service provider of the access protocol. Just like in the past, no one could monopolize HTTP, SMTP, FTP... these underlying open basic protocols.

This is the biggest thing that has happened on the Internet since the iPhone, and yet another powerful tool in human history. We believe the Web3 will create new economies and experiences for billions of people around the world. 

But the popularity of any new technology cycle has to undergo several stages: first of all, some programmers used this technology to create applications to solve problems they encountered, at this time, only very few people will be involved in using, and after some time, other engineers joined in and started to build the infrastructure of the technology, which reduced development costs, improved production efficiency, accelerated the progress of new applications and scenarios. Finally, users are beginning to flock to and embrace this new technology.

These scenarios occurred in the early days of technological changes such as computers, the Internet, and cloud computing. The fundamental challenge is the scaffolding (tools) is basic or even nonexistent in the hands of early developers. It's hard to imagine how we would rapidly build scalable applications without cloud computing today? This is the complexity of the Web3 world: accessing crypto networks, data query and index, multi-chain and cross-chain, monitoring and operation, maintenance and security...

Chainbase exists to facilitate the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem and make it easy to build applications. Developers are a very large group of people with outstanding creativity. We are certain that these new applications will be more and the ecology will be better if more and more developers can easily create Web3 applications.  And among these applications, might turn out to be the next Google, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Uber... We are excited about that! Because it means that in the future, their presence makes Chainbase also directly or indirectly involved in changing the world and having a huge impact on humanity.

0x02 Chainbase: The Powerful Web3 Developer Platform

We hope that developers can focus on the innovation and construction of the application, without caring about the underlying complex technology of operations and maintenance. To achieve the mission step by step, Chainbase is packaging complex multi-chain cryptographic networks, data query and index, multi-chain and cross-chain, monitoring and operation, maintenance and security and other underlying functions into APIs and opening them up to the public, providing PaaS-level services and removing any barriers for developers to enter the Web3 world to the greatest extent possible.

Specifically, Chainbase's product ecosystem at this stage can be divided into five parts:

  • Dashboard: Create, debug, monitor and operate Web3 applications through an All-In-One console
  • Chain Network Service: A multi-chain, multi-network, JSON-RPC node service for accessing on-chain metadata
  • Web3 API Service: Supports multi-chain and multi-protocols (Token, NFT, Domain, Account..) data query indexing service
  • deCrypto Data Cloud Service: The completely open data cloud warehouse, support OLTP&OLAP, build any SQL and get results quickly
  • Developer Suite: No-configuration developer tool suite for faster integration, debug development, and log tracking of products

We have successfully helped enterprises and developers solve problems more than 80% in the development of infrastructure, cost of operation and maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • NFT Marketplace
  • GameFi
  • SocialFi
  • DataAnalysis
  • ETC..

Additionally, I would like to share with you the three product delivery principles that Chainbase adheres to:

  1. Easy to use: low-code, out-of-the-box
  2. Fast speed: not just a 30% increase, it should be exponential increase
  3. Security and stability: 99.99% system availability, the infrastructure is covered with security

0x03 Always Day 1, And Built for builder

"The militia and individual developers who are hard at work on nights and weekends of the past 20 years have been the best prophets of the future." -- Fred Ehrsam

I am very happy to briefly introduce Chainbase through this BLOG, and we will update the product features and related information one after another, which you can find directly through Now, it's time to introduce the team behind the product.

Chainbase is gathered by a group of young teams who are curious and passionate about the world and trust each other.

The team has extensive expertise in infrastructure, cloud computing, big data, security and blockchain. We want to be a super cool company that solves practical problems and become the most trusted partner of customers.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." — that's one of the reasons why we work with passion, every day. :)

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