How to Add Chainbase RPC Endpoints to Metamask

How to Add Chainbase RPC Endpoints to Metamask




We all know that decentralisation is one of the trends of Web3, and the technical implementation of public chains is also fully practising the decentralization feature. From the perspective of "data" and "portal", the public chain can be abstracted as an open database, Dapps are countless portals, and users can choose any portal to interact with the public chain.

MetaMask is a mainstream crypto wallet and is probably the first real Web3 application that every Web3 user will come across (after all, you need to have a crypto wallet address to buy tokens, play a blockchain game, etc.). When MetaMask interacts with the public chain (for example, if you are initiating a token transfer transaction), it needs to do so through a node, and still needs to feed the result of that transaction through the node in a timely manner. This is the basic principle of how MetaMask works.

Sometimes you will encounter situations where MetaMask does not work correctly. If you understood the previous paragraph, you probably guessed that there is something wrong with the nodes it uses. Since MetaMask uses a default node provider to interact with the chain, you may not notice that the nodes can be freely chosen and switched at any time. This is also a reflection of decentralization.

Usually, we create one or more standby nodes so that MetaMask will still work if the default node goes down (in the short history of Web3, the default node has gone down many times causing massive transaction failures)

So how do you have more available nodes that are freely switchable? Chainbase, a Web3 infrastructure provider, offers a very convenient solution and it is very stable.

Here I have made a detailed tutorial for users with different basic understanding and operations.

1.First, create an account on Chainbase (the whole process takes less than 1 minute and is completely free)


Get the registration invitation code: (If you don't receive it, please check the private message)

2.You can log in to the backend by registering an account (wallet login is supported), then find Chain Network in the left column, create a project and complete the settings according to your needs, and complete the creation.


3.After successful creation, view the project details and copy the HTTP/S API


4.Open MetaMask, click Networks, and at the bottom of the list, click Add Network to create a custom network.


5.Then fill in the information on the setting page, which are the network name, the URL you just copied, and the ChainID (the main Ethernet network is 1, for other networks, please refer to, the currency unit ( For example, ETH), other information can be ignored, and then click Save.


The save was successful and MetaMask is now using the new node you set up. If you want to switch to another network or node, you can do so by clicking Switch in the Networks menu bar.


Now you have a stable and free custom node for your MetaMask.

Chainbase also provides a stable and powerful Chain Network and Web3 API service, which currently supports three chains: Ether, Polygon, and BNB Chain, and is suitable for Token, NFT, Basic and other on-chain data indexing scenarios, and you can enjoy unlimited and frequent data indexing services at this stage. If you are a Web3 developer, I believe this is very, very helpful for your project.

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